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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Chant: Kyrie

Chantwise, I've tried something simpler this time: the basic Kyrie. I remember learning this at daily Masses around Cincinnati.

Kyrie Eleison

This is a familiar melody, but that same familiarity makes me unsure if I'm chanting it, or just singing it.

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Teresa Benedicta said...

Mrs. Darwin,

Way to go! Great pitch and tempo! A few pronunciation things you might want to check: "y" and "i" have the same "eee" sound, but think of an "eee" with a lot of space in your mouth and a mouth shape that is more vertical than horizontal. Also make sure your "r"'s are always flipped (like a Spanish or Italian rolled "r" but with only 1 roll.)...esp. after the "k" in Christe...

One final note is that it is still possible to use the 3x3 (3 of each part with the final Kyrie used only the 9th time) Kyrie for the new Mass and it is mandatory for the old Mass. It doesn't lend itself as well to a priest-people response, but the symbolism of 3 x 3 is great!