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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Your Catholic Snark for the Day

Darwin: Why is it we only have adoration in the parish chapel two days out of each month?

Nice Old Lady: Well, Father said it would be too much work to have it every day.

Darwin: Did someone tell him that he's not the one required to sit in the tabernacle all day and see everyone?


Entropy said...

Requisite snark comment back:
I'm sure Father would be happy to have adoration more times a month if you'd be willing to find and organize all the adorers.

Fred said...

I would add: my parish had perpetual adoration before our new pastor arrived. I showed up unscheduled a few times only to find the Sacred Host abandoned with a cloth over it. Yikes! I stopped going because I hated being in the position of finding myself alone there with nobody to replace me.

The new pastor, by the way, allowed adoration to continue for some time until he realized that the sacrilege was going to continue.

Darwin said...

I should be clear, we're NOT talking about exposition of the blessed sacrament here. It's just that we've got a chapel on the parish grounds (it was the old church) with a tabernacle in it. So the idea wasn't to have exposition, but to have the chapel unlocked more often during daylight so it was possible to stop in somewhere to make a visit.

Fred said...

oh yeah, the pastor has kept that!