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Friday, January 20, 2006

Books and laziness

Note to self: you're too old to stay up until 2 am reading mystery novels.

We went to the library yesterday evening with the monkeys. It's far easier to take the whole family than for one of us to go with both girls; they consider the library their own personal playground. We managed to impress upon them the importance of quiet in the library, but we still did lots of chasing down.

However, both Darwin and I had a chance to slip upstairs and get some things for ourselves. I relieved a shelf of all the Lord Peter novels that I either hadn't read or hadn't read in ages, and then checked out some Sayers essays for good measure. Hey, I'm supposed to be doing lots of resting, so there will be plenty of time to cover other authors later. Darwin has been interested in World War II history lately, so he picked up a few weighty tomes devoted to various aspects and events of that conflict. After lugging the haul out to the car, I felt I had gotten in my exercise for the day.

My concern for my health, however, didn't stretch as far as getting a good night's rest, since I laid awake until almost 2 am reading. Bad Mrs. Darwin! And what's more, that meant that I slept in this morning while Darwin rushed around feeding the girls and trying to get ready in time to make an early meeting. Then I was tired and had little patience for the small rivalries and little quarrels of tots. Perhaps I would have been better served to find some devotional works on the beauties of self-sacrifice...

Note to self: you're too old to stay up until 2 am reading mystery novels.


Anonymous said...

I've been guilty of that a few times myself, I'm afraid....
I don't get to read as much when I'm homeschooling, so I relish the summer and vacation days when I can grab a book for a few minutes. We're going to Washington for the March for Life this weekend, and I've been trying to decide for days what books to take along to read on the trip- too many choices, so little time! Hope you have a peaceful, restful weekend..God bless!!

Author Known said...

I've realized the same thing myself... but still find I must test the conclusion once in a while, just to find out if it's still true. ;)