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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Culture of Life (and Beauty)

Since we don't have that great rock of the Catholic blogsphere, Rick Lugari, posting any more, I feel the need to link to something I'm sure he would approve of:

Jay Anderson links to a good way to determining who "won" the Walk For Life in San Francisco. Who had the most beautiful protestors? It seems to me like the answer is pretty clear. But then, beauty is truth, truth beauty, as the saying goes...


Pro Ecclesia said...

I feel strongly that Rick would definitely approve of that post. In fact, I felt inspired by "the Spirit of De Civitate Dei" to post it in the first place.

Rick Lugari said...

LMAO. Aww shucks, guys; I'm honored. I saw this at Jay's yesterday and was impressed. There might be some critics out there who would complain that the nature of the comparison is demeaning to the lesser gender, but I don't think so.

I think the comparison demonstrates how the grace of God, sense of dignity, and love for fellow man manifests itself positively and externally in those who embrace virtue and life. Those babes have true dignity and it shows.

Fidei Defensor said...

Agreed Rick was the great Rock of this corner of the blogsphere, when I saw the posting on Jay's page I wondered, would Rick have bloged on this?

Anyway the pictures prove that there is something about allying with the culture of death that makes a person rather haggard looking.

Anonymous said...

...when I saw the posting on Jay's page I wondered, would Rick have bloged on this?

You're kidding, right, fidei?
Not only would he have blogged about it, I think he would have "improved" upon it in ways that you never thought possible.

And, you are right about the haggard appearances of the people on the pro-abortion side. They are, as my daughter says, "truly unfortunate". (Her nice way of saying "ugly".)

Pro Ecclesia said...


I take offense to the notion that Rick would have "improved" my post. Just what, exactly, about my post needs "improvement", and exactly how would Rick have accomplished that feat?

Pro Ecclesia said...

... And please feel free to have Rick make an appearance at De Civitate Dei to give us a demonstration of how he would "improve" my post.

Anonymous said...

No Jay, I didn't mean your post. I meant the original one that you linked to.

I like your blog. In fact, the only blogs I actually read anymore are this one, Julie's, and yours.


Pro Ecclesia said...

Rhonda, I was just kidding.

Fidei Defensor said...

Oh gee thanks Rhonda, haha.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is where I lurk, fidei.
Now that it's out, I can't really call it lurking anymore, can I?
Thank a lot.