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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Further Adventures in Reading

Noogs (one of these days I'll have to respect the dignity of an almost-four-year-old and just use her real name) is making merry progress through 100 Easy Lessons, with lesson 7 taking place this morning. She's just learned the "t" sound and took great delight in writing a pageful of "t"s -- t is an easy letter for small hands to master. We have one more review lesson and then the curriculum introduces words, not just combinations of sounds. I can't wait for lesson 13, which is the first lesson to present a small story for the child to read. (The story is merely the sentence "See me eat" accompanied by a picture, but I think that Noogs will be thrilled.)

One concept she's having a little trouble assimilating is the rhyming section of the lessons. You start with a sound, say "m", and then rhyme it with various endings, such as "eat". She can do it with me, but when it's her turn to rhyme she only wants to say the ending. Since there's so much review included in each lesson, I haven't been pushing it. I'm sure she'll pick it up eventually.

Since we seem to be progressing well (so far!) with basic reading instruction, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for beginning math books. Noogs can count to twenty and do some very basic addition and subtraction with blocks or little toys. She recognizes all her numbers as well.

(Amber -- did you start with 100 Easy Lessons? How did that go?)


alicia said...

How to teach your baby math - by Glenn and Janet Doman

bearing said...

I thought the Saxon Homeschool kindergarten curriculum was good. We used it with our son starting at age 4 1/2. Rainbow Resources sells it, along with all the manipulatives you need, at a good price.

As for reading, after learning some about the state of the art in early reading education research, I concluded that there is no good program out there and with the help of a friend designed my own. I was drawn to 100 Easy Lessons, but in the end rejected it because of the bend-over-backwards typography. (Which the research shows is not helpful, according to my friend who read far more of the research than I did).

mrsdarwin said...

I'm not jazzed about the typography, but I don't think it really registers much with Noogs, especially in this day and age where you see so many different font styles just going to the store.

But I would be interested in hearing more about your reading curriculum.

Thanks, both of you, for the math recommendations.