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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jack in the news

Barb says:

We just got back from my brother's house where we were able to watch a tape of the news segment about Jack. It was beautiful. I did check out the station's website to see if it was there, but it's not.

Jay was saying how blessed they feel. He said that might sound strange coming from the father of a child with terminal cancer, but they would rather have had Jack for nine years with the cancer, then to have not had Jack at all. He got all teary-eyed and both of his other children did a great job in the interview too. His 12 year old sister said that Jack would always be in her heart.

We're going to see if someone has a digital copy of the segment so that maybe we can get it on the computer and put it on here.

Meanwhile, today Jack's heartrate has begun to slow down and become more irregular. His oxygen levels are dropping off too. I really am beginning to believe that this extra time our dear Lord has given us is to help the family a little with the transition from having Jack with them to not having Jack at all. It's been 10 days now since he has awakened.

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