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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Library Book Sale

The Darwins have just arrived home in triumph from the library book sale, bearing treasures. We're suckers for a used-book sale, and sure enough, we tore ourselves away with 26 books for ourselves, plus a gift for a friend.

Behold, our loot:
Book of Greek Myths, by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire
Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature, edited by Margaret Martignoni
The Story of Babar, and
Babar and Father Christmas, both by Jean de Brunhoff
Babar the King and Grimm's Fairy Tales (a two-sided book)
The Emperor's Nightingale, by Hans Christian Anderson
The Story of Holly and Ivy, by Rumer Godden
Under the Window, by Kate Greenaway
Chanticleer and the Fox (from the Canterbury Tales), adapted and illustrated by Barbara Cooney
Citizen of the Galaxy, and
Red Planet, by Robert Heinlein (both vintage)
Caddie Woodlawn, by Carol Ryrie Brink
Katie John, by Mary Calhoun
Caesar, by Patrick O'Brian (yes, that Patrick O'Brian)
Adventures of Raggedy Ann, by Johnny Gruelle
Kate Crackernuts, by K.M. Briggs
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle and Other Tales, by Hugh Lofting
Seven Volumes of the 16-volume series A History of Philosophy, by Fredrick Copleston, S.J.


love2learnmom said...

Wow! What a haul! Quite a few of our favorites in that bunch. Every year I go to the library book sale and think I really don't need more books and every year I come home with at least a box or two.

Amber said...

What fun! Our library has one every month on the first Sunday and I'm tempted to go tomorrow... but I really probably shouldn't as I'm just going to have to pack them in boxes in a couple months and who knows when I'll get to see them again!

PB said...

We loaded up this summer at garage sales, buying well over 200 childrens books! When some places were selling them for 10 cents each we couldn't pass them up.

mrsdarwin said...

I'm amazed by some of the good children's stuff that was being discarded. I don't know if the library was acquiring new copies, or if they were simply changing their catalog, but we certainly felt lucky.

The adult section wasn't nearly as meaty. A lot of best-sellers were on the table, but no good books. Perhaps it's that the classic stuff in the adult section isn't quite as manhandled as the worthwhile children's books, and so doesn't need to be changed out as often.

Dorian Speed said...

Wow! I am tremendously impressed! I have that D'Aulaire Greek myths book on my son's Christmas list.

I really need to find out when our library has its book sales.

Kiwi Nomad said...

I used to looooooovvvvvve the Babar books. I stayed with a friend last night who had a reprint of "Harry the Dirty Dog" which I used to love too. I was allowed to read it to her three year old who loves it too.