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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jack, yesterday evening

From last night:

Mark just talked to Jay on the phone. Jack is now having seizures, his eyes are fixed and dilated, and he is no longer responsive at all.....this is very close to the end. Please pray for a peaceful death...watching him have seizures is very difficult for Jay and Suzy. I'm crying just thinking about it. Please pray for their peace and comfort.

May the all-powerful Lord grant Jack a restful night and a peaceful death...Amen.


Julie D. said...

Praying with and for them always.

Anonymous said...

This is ripping at the hearts of many out here in cyberspace. Jack has stolen our hearts, and we love this boy dearly. We out here keep hoping a praying for a miraculous turn-around. But most of all, we pray for God's will to be done here.

rhonda lugari said...

We out here agree with everything you said, Tex. We're afraid of the updates, though. I guess it's almost like waiting for "that phone call" Barb mentioned. We're still hoping and praying it doesn't ever come. But, we also pray for little Jack's peace.