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Monday, December 07, 2015

Advent, Day 8: All the Links

The Internet Confessional:
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned; it has been one day since my last confession.... 
I kept that longread about Medieval sci-fi writers open in my tabs all day, knowing I would never read it.
Here is where I post all the links I've "saved to read later" on Facebook, either to shame myself into reading them, or so that you'll read them and give me the summaries.

The Restoration-Era local dialect of Tangier Island

Hamilton Is In The House

How Do Unschoolers Turn Out?

Julian Carron speaks at Notre Dame about freedom

The Art of Friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics

Create In Me A Clean Heart: the USCCB's pastoral letter on pornography

Alton Brown's Shepherd Pie recipe

The True Story of Kudzu, The Vine That Never Truly Ate The South


Joseph Moore said...

As the father of 5 unschooled children (although that's not the way I tend to think of it - more like free range kids), I can confirm much of what that study says. 4 out of 5 kids got into 4-year colleges as soon as they wanted to, and the 5th is age 11, so a little early to tell. The major benefit for the parents is the quiet enjoyment of family life: no fighting over homework, no constant running kids to after-school activities. We could have dinner together, watch a movie or read a book in the evenings. Much lower stress levels.

For kids, the main benefit is truly addition by subtraction: keeping them away from the manipulation and control of the graded classroom. Rather than looking with amazement at how kids learn all kinds of stuff without a traditional teacher micromanaging their lives, we should be amazed that any competent adult would subject a child to such manifest mistreatment in the first place.

Timotheos said...

I'll do you one better with the Alton Brown recipe; I watched the original episode of Good Eats that it is from, like pretty much all the episodes from that series, and can recommend that episode to you as well (It's a big Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street take-off...)

Another recipe of his that I would recommend for this time of year would be his Savory Colonial-style Pumpkin Pie

It's delicious, as well as being really cool to make and serve. If you do make that recipe btw, don't throw away the seeds; roast them in the oven with some spices as they made for a nice snack.