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Monday, December 14, 2015

Advent, Day Gaudete

This is a story of a transformation.


Remember the princess bedroom? Well, it got worse before it got better.

The large swathes of new plaster over the window are because the old plaster had peeled off down to... I don't know what it was. We don't have lathe under there. It was just gravelly wall.

The workmen were in there for three weeks. The door was sealed off with a big sheet of plastic to keep all the dust inside, but I'd check on the progress at night and think, "Thank God we didn't try to fix this one ourselves." And then I'd wonder if we were ever going to get all the powdered plaster off the floor.

They finished up last week. On Saturday, I scrubbed the whole room on my hands and knees (and the the hall and the stairs for good measure) and then went over the floor (and the hall and stairs for good measure) with floor restoring polish, to protect and seal the old wood, especially where the strange yellow shag carpet had been sitting for years.


The walls are the color of the ribbons on Julia's pointe shoes. But you might also call it Gaudete Pink.


Mary said...

Oh, how beautiful!

Jenny said...

Wow! It looks so different. Very clean. I like it. Please say you saved at least a scrap of the old wallpaper.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

What a transformation!

Brandon said...

That is impressive.

the other Sherry said...


Anonymous said...

Fit for a president!

MrsDarwin said...

Rob, we're waiting for the second coming of Herbert Hoover!

Jenny, there's a nice stock of that paper tucked away the bottom drawer of the bureau thingie, so we can pull it out and be nostalgic every now and then. I won't miss it too much, except as a period touch.

Unknown said...

Perhaps you can frame the scrap of wallpaper and hang it up with some sort of note?