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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Advent, Day 9

I have five minutes to write something if I still want to write today, and I have nothing to say. Not nothing at all, mind you -- I have plenty of topics I'm chewing on, ideas I'm percolating for a bit, and that I want to write about thoughtfully. But I don't have anything that's a quick, five-minute (three-minute now) toss-off post, and I'm okay with that. Maybe if there were less five-minute toss-off posts, intellectual discourse would revive a bit. I know there was plenty of bombast published back before you could drop your opinion on the whole world via the internet (I'm doing lots of reading about Revolutionary-era history, including the crazy political broadsides), but when you had to sharpen a quill and find the ink, at least you had to take a few moments to gather your thoughts so you didn't waste your paper.

Time's up.

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