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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Roma Update

Thank you all so much for your generous prayers and support! Believe me, I feel them and am swept away with gratitude. Here's an update on Roma from my sister-in-law:

"Crazy update and request for immediate prayers! Roma has been out of the hospital for a couple weeks now, with weekly scans and checkups on the blood clot surrounding the cavernoma in her brain. Her latest scan was Friday, and her latest checkup was yesterday (which began at the exact same time that I was ambushed on live radio by Ryan Lopez and John Matthew Swaim with a GoFundMe for Roma – I can’t even tell you how humbled we are and so amazed at the generosity of so many people…wow... but that's a future post!). The checkup was “normal” in that they didn’t see any changes in the scan, and so we continued on with the day. A few hours later, though, a neurosurgery NP called me to say that the doctor met with the radiologist, and actually a LOT has changed. Roma’s clot has “liquefied,” and so the doctor is ready to operate… on THURSDAY! This is happening about five weeks sooner than anticipated. Honestly, I feel like Bl. Chiara is pulling through for us, that there is a miracle in the works, so please pray!

An interesting side story: I was talking with my family last night about the phone call with the NP, and I noted that they had never used the word “liquefied” before – they had always talked about the blood clot needing to be “reabsorbed.” Now, I recognize that the liquefying is probably implied when it comes to a blood clot being reabsorbed by the brain, but still, it was the first I’d heard them use that term. And that point led me, ever the Catholic nerd, to start talking about St Januarius (San Gennaro), whose dry blood relic can miraculously liquefy. There are three days each year that it will happen – I looked it up – September 19th, the Saturday before the first Sunday in May… and December 16th!

What this tells me is that the saints in heaven have heard our prayers for Roma, and they are praying to the Lord for her, too. I’m still ready to see her miraculously healed prior to surgery, but I will also be grateful just for a successful surgery, and for my little girl to get back to her old self. Lord, Thy will be done!

We don't know the exact time of surgery on Thursday, but we've got to be there at 5:30am for pre-op stuff. So please just start praying now!

Bl. Chiara Luce Badano, ora pro nobis! Mater Dolorosa, ora pro nobis!"

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mandamum said...

Bl. Chiara L.B., I'm glad to be re-introduced. Please ask God to bless little Roma, her family, and her surgery team today. I offer my insomnia on her behalf.

What an amazing story about the word "liquifying" - does seem like a little bit of saintly "secret code" to let you know they're on the case :-)