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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Come Sing O Magnum Mysterium with Me

Gentle readers, if you are anywhere in the central Ohio area and love to sing choral music, tomorrow is your lucky day. I have realized that if I want to sing the great stuff, I'm going to have to put it together myself, and so I am hosting an O Magnum Mysterium sing. I figure if I canvass everyone I know, I can manage to scrape up four parts, even in late December while everyone is traveling. I can sing soprano, alto, or tenor, but I'd rather just pick one.

So! Tomorrow, Sunday December 29, from 3-6, at the Darwin Manor, we will be working through O Magnum Mysterium and then making beautiful polyphony as we sing it down perfectly. Then we'll have a potluck to feed hungry singers. If you are at all close, and if you love to sing, send us an email at

I expect you all here.


Bernard Brandt said...

You know, that is a lovely idea. While I'm a bit out of that area, this is something that I could do for a group of ten or twelve singers in my area, at my house. And I have a rich repertoire of Russian Orthodox music that I've been dying to try to get to sing. And I can cook decently as well. I think I'll give it a try!

mrsdarwin said...

If the only thing that comes from this post is that you host a sing on the East Coast, it will have done a good day's work indeed. Wish I could make it to CA!

mandamum said...

I would be there in a heartbeat, except that I'm stuck in LA county. Great minds think alike - I looked that up last week, and printed it out, but I haven't grown enough singers...yet. But we will get there. I have come to similar conclusions, and look forward to hearing about how your project goes. I wish you all success.

mandamum said...

Enquiring minds want to know.... did you get takers? Did you make beautiful music?? Will you be doing it again?

mrsdarwin said...

We did make beautiful music! We ended up with two people on each part, and thanks to some teens who got roped in, four altos. And I could float as needed and pick up whichever part needed a boost at the moment. We got through the whole thing in three hours, and then ate hungrily. Definitely worth trying again, maybe on a random February weekend where nothing else is going on.