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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Boxing Day

1. Thank you all so much for praying for Roma. She was able to come home before Christmas! She's healing so well -- her swelling around her face has gone down (though her big black eye isn't quite gone yet) and you can't see it, but her head is stitched up like a half headband. She's definitely back to her old self again.

2. When you live in a family of amateur photographers, you're lucky enough to get some great family photos, but the flip side is that you have to wait around while the photogs tinker with the light and settings. I present: The Darwins take a Christmas picture.

3. Some little boys get overwrought on Christmas Day because of candy and loot, and need a calming interlude with their new Totoro.

4. Some boys turn 6 on Christmas Day, and have to put up with their sisters snapping their picture before they can blow out their candles.

5. Some people get a book on Christmas Day, and want to read and ignore the rest of the world, including the daughter taking the pictures.

6. But Christmas flowers make up for a lot.

 7. As does good tea in a Swedish mug with an invisible girl climbing a staircase.

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