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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Amazing new Geographical discovery!

Darwin's father, always up on the latest scientific developments, alerts us to this stunning new find: "'Midwest' discovered between East and West Coasts"!

NEW YORK—A U.S. Geological Survey expeditionary force announced Tuesday that it has discovered a previously unknown and unexplored land mass between the New York and California coasts known as the "Midwest."

The Geological Survey team discovered the vast region while searching for the fabled Midwest Passage, the mythical overland route passing through the uncharted area between Ithaca, NY, and Bakersfield, CA.

"I long suspected something was there," said Franklin Eldred, a Manhattan native and leader of the 200-man exploratory force. "I'd flown between New York and L.A. on business many times, and the unusually long duration of my flights seemed to indicate that some sort of large area was being traversed, an area of unknown composition."


Iowahawk ran a piece in a similar vein a while back: Bush Country Faces Grim Shortage of Lattes, Galleries.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I'll have to show this to my fellow northwesterners.