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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hunger and Thirst

I just found (and am quite impressed by) Bearing Blog, a Catholic parent blogging about life, Catholicism, science, parenting, etc. I'm really impressed with their take on it all.

Among a number of good posts, I noticed this really disturbing one linking to the story of a woman who was starved to death back in '95 ala Schiavo, despite the fact she was conscious and asking for food. However, the court ruled that it was unclear that she was mentally competent when asking for food and water, and so it seemed in appropriate to overturn her previous written directive not to provide artificial nutrition of she was terminally ill. In the end, they had to strap her down so that she wouldn't steal bits of food off other patients trays.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Darwin. I'm returning the favor by checking out your blog. :-)

Thanks for the kind words! I'm still working on remembering to post something every day.