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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Van Gogh-in' my Way

Stanley Kurtz over at The Corner points us to this news article about the trial of Mohammed Bouyeri, the Muslim who killed Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. Bouyeri has shown marked disrespect to the judge and officers of the court, claiming through his lawyer that he recognizes only Islamic law. Wait a few decades, Bub: if Holland doesn't buck up a bit, there won't be enough Dutch left to enforce Dutch law.

Here's the coup de grace, though:

Holland's welfare society had one more surprise to offer. Two senior policemen involved in the final shootout with Bouyeri appeared in court to ask for €3,000 (£2,060) compensation for emotional distress.

Insp Marcel Groenendaal and Brig J S de Ruyter said they had suffered loss of concentration and apathy since the gunfight. Bouyeri rolled his eyes at their testimony, apparently amused.

But the scene disgusted two protesters, watching the hearing in T-shirts bearing images of Fortuyn and van Gogh. One of them, Marianne Houtzager, condemned the police for recalling how they hid on the floor of their car. "They acted like victims, not policemen. We are too soft."

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