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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Landscape with Evil

Blogging while vacationing has proved more difficult than I had hoped, but here's a morsel to keep the top post from getting too old:

The folks over at Refracted Light sent me a link to their newest post, a piece on Michael O'Brien's Landscape With Dragons. I've always been leary of "Christian Ratings" sites, but Refracted Light is definately a good one, understanding the difference between stories in which bad things happen and stories that push corrupted worldviews.

I have yet to finish Landscape With Dragons, though I've started it a couple times. It seemed to me that O'Brien had some very real insights, while at the same time suffering from the difficulty with being far too simplistic in his interpretation of symbols. (Speaking of books in which dragons aren't utterly evil and dangerous, what does O'Brien make of Tokein's Farmer Giles of Ham?)


Anonymous said...

What criteria do you use to include someone in your "highly evolved blogs" link?

Darwin said...

Nothing terribly stringent. They're all blogs that I read regularly and enjoy/agree with to a fair extent.

Looking for a mention...?