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Monday, May 01, 2006

Be Not Afraid

I never watch television shows like CSI (any of them) or Law and Order (any of them) or the myriad police procedurals that are in vogue now. This isn't because I don't like mysteries or the deductive process -- rather, it's because often the plots involve sexual assaults and rape or child abuse and molestation. I hate, HATE that stuff. Once I stumbled upon the last five minutes of some show where a molester was cutting a deal with the prosecutor to lead her to the site where he buried a missing child. "She was such a little princess," he leered. As the police dug down, one of them reached in the hole and pulled out a little red t-strap shoe, much like one my daughter had at the time. I shuddered and flipped off the show, but the image was burned in my mind.

I'm not a fearful person by nature, but sometimes I find myself lying awake at night, staring into the darkness and wondering: what would I do if someone took one of my babies? How would I cope if a child of mine was molested? These are the horrible things that every parent fears. We do our best to keep our girls safe, but what if something happened? You can't just roll over and go to sleep after that thought lodges in your head.

And yet I can't live my whole life in fear of some phantom evil, or I'll miss out on the daily joys of a houseful of girls. If every time I look at one of my girls I see a potential victim, fear is winning. I once heard that the exhortation "Be not afraid!" occurs in the Bible 365 times, once for every day of the year. (I'm sure that's a matter of translations, and what about Leap Years in that case, but the idea is comforting.) And so, in the spirit of not being afraid, I offer two prayers.

For the Protection of my Children
Dear Lord, Loving Father,
You encouraged the little children to come to you.
Please protect my children.
Your angel warned Mary and Joseph of Harod's plan to kill Jesus;
send that same angel to me to aid me in my watch over my little ones.
I commend them to your loving care and the intercession of your Mother.

For an Unbaptized Infant
Father and Creator of all life,
You knew my child before she was born.
Please give her special protection until the day of her baptism
when she will become a full member of your family.
Watch over her and keep her from all harm
until the day when her soul is cleansed from original sin.
I trust in your mercy and love.
Through Christ our Lord,


Anonymous said...

I love these prayers...and I know exactly what you mean about trying to protect our babies. It is awful to think about, but all we can do is our best to keep them safe and pray, pray, pray...
A blessed day to all of you!

Dr. Thursday said...

A friend of mine has pointed out the consoling line from the Litany of St. Joseph where he is called "Terror of Demons"...

Recall that while he had the custody of Jesus, he was vested with ALL the authority of God the Father, as Jesus had to obey him "on earth as it is in heaven"...

Rick Lugari said...

Good point, Doc. I had never given particular meditation to the Terror of Demons line.

The part that always strikes me is:

He made him the lord of his household.
And prince over all his possessions.