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Friday, May 12, 2006

A prayer for Jack

We've been praying for BarbfromCincy's nephew Jack, who is eight years old and suffering from brain cancer. Rick Lugari suggested a novena to Venerable Louis and Zelie Martin (the parents of St. Therese), who need a miracle to advance their canonization process. Louis and Zelie understood suffering and a holy death:

Though beset with the loss of four children in infancy, plus Helene at age five, and Zelie's valiant battle with breast cancer which claimed her life at age 46, the Martins submitted to God's will in all things; to show the Creator's love to their daughters regardless of any trial remained the primary concern.

...In 1888, Louis Martin became a close companion to suffering; he developed amnesia, or what some French doctors of the time regarded as dementia. When Celine and Leonie could no longer provide appropriate care, he humbly accepted entry to the sanitorium at Bon Sauveur in Caen. Louis bore his cross with heroic patience; illness and the stigma of incarceration at the notorious mental asylum plagued him. Bon Sauveur housed some of the most bitterly tormented souls who suffered from mental ailments. Those who stayed there for even a short duration, endured much criticism from their peers. Louis Martin retained enough lucidity to know what a stay at Bon Sauveur would translate in others' opinions. Undaunted, God's will would be done, regardless of the personal cost. Consequently, the townsfolk cynically cackled that any man who would surrender five daughters to the convent in lieu of marriage deserved the fate of a mental malady. They could not comprehend loyalty to Catholicism nor conformity to God's decrees. As death approached, Louis longed to see his daughters once more.

St. Therese's final encounter with her father occurred in May 1892; now released from Bon Sauveur, he courageously advanced toward the Carmelite grille in a wheelchair with Celine and Leonie, paralyzed and barely able to speak. With Marie and Pauline beside her, St. Therese and Louis Martin could do no more than gaze at each other. With difficulty he pointed his index finger upward and was heard to whisper, "Until Heaven!". Not even illness and encroaching death could drown his faith and hope of bliss.

One of Louis's daughters (perhaps Celine?) describes her father here.

So perhaps we should ask for their intercession for Jack's healing.

Venerable Louis and Zelie Martin, Servants of God,
You offered many prayers for your own sick children.
We unite our prayers with yours for Jack's healing.
May God look favorably on your intercession and, in His Mercy, grant us our request.
May His will be done in all things.

Venerable Louis and Zelie, pray for us!

To communicate favors received from the intercession of Louis and Zelie Martin, write to: Postulazione Generale, Carmelitani Scalzi, Corso d'Italia 38-00198 Rome, Italy.


Anonymous said...

Today I went to noon Mass, and I was praying about Jack and asking our Lord to tell me who I should ask to intercede for Jack...which saint needed a miracle..then I come home and there is your post with this prayer! Absolutely perfect! I was so excited I called my husband at work. He wants me to print it and give it out to our family to pray.
Thank you so much Rick, for writing it and to you Mrs D for putting this here.
We are all so grateful for your concern and prayers!
God is good to bless us with all these good people willing to pray for someone they don't even know.
God bless!!

Rick Lugari said...


Thank MrsD. I'm a babbling idiot, so she drafted that prayer - and did a marvelous job.