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Friday, October 28, 2005


Posting has been light from the distaff side of the Darwin entity because of the blossoming abilities of Noogs and Babs. There's a saying in Cincinnati: "If you don't like the weather, stick around five minutes; it'll change." Here at the Darwin household, if you're unsatisfied with the freshly-cleaned living room, just stay upstairs for five minutes. Upon returning to the lower regions, you'll find Babs sitting under a table in the living room eating flour out of the bag with a spoon. Check the kitchen and you'll see that she dropped the bag from the second highest pantry shelf to ensure that the largest mess possible was created. She enjoys this activity so much that's she's tried it three times in the past week. Much to my amazement, I've discovered that the chain on the pantry door only keeps the girls out when I remember to fasten it. Who knew?

So whenever I sit down to check my email or start writing a blog post, I find the house in a bit more shambles than it was before.l

We have our lighter moments, though. Last night at dinner, Noogs (sitting by the window) was fascinated by a gecko which suddenly pounced on a moth. She gave a running commentary as the gecko crunched up the moth bit by bit. "Look, Mommy, Mr. Gecko is eating that moth! he is eating it all up!" It seems no one had ever told the gecko that it is the course of wisdom never to eat anything larger than your head. Darwin and I were put quite off our feed by this spectacle, but Noogs and Babs were delighted and proceeded to smear ketchup around with a will. I'm glad they're not traumatized by witnessing the circle of life in action.

Meanwhile, Smaskig continues to grow and kick. Pushing into my sixth month, the charm of being pregnant has worn off. She's on a growth spurt and has started a campaign to expand the borders of her territory. She doesn't like to negotiate for more room, however; she invades and then offers me terms of surrender that dictate how and when I can sleep, how often I go to the bathroom, how long I can stand up, and even what clothes I wear. Little tyrant! Just wait until she has to treat with the established princesses, and we'll see how long Smaskig can remain top dog.

On occasion the stars are aligned and everyone is either peaceable or asleep at the same time. Then the house becomes a small garden of delights. At those moments I think that if only there were some cookies around here life would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

So, have Noogs and Babs discovered what happens when you grasp the tail of one of these geckos? :-)

Anonymous said...

Flour on the floor. I wish I got off that lucky. My son loved to pour rice on the floor. Rice bounces.

My son ate a worm recently and thought nothing of it. My other son was impressed. So they went off looking for another one.

I had to put a stop to it when I found out what they were doing. Now every time I see them picking up a stone to look for bugs I have to tell them
"Don't eat any!" Girls are so nice and clean (and not gross).

Rick Lugari said...

Girls are so nice and clean (and not gross).

Yes, our darling little princess, who is indeed adorable, is so very refined. In fact, just the other day she pointed out her little pebble poops in the potty chair; "That's Mama, that's Bridget... There so cute."

mrsdarwin said...

Now I'm going to be laughing about that all day. Wish I could get our youngest princess to take an interest in the potty. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to sit up there, but as to doing anything, she's clueless.

We did have a rice on the floor incident at one point, but flour is the mess du jour. We had a cocoa spill as well. And an orange juice escape (full bottle). And once they poured brown sugar all over the living room carpet - that was the genesis of our ant problems.

We have not, however, had problems with eating fauna, so I guess we've been lucky to some extent!