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Friday, October 21, 2005

Lost Rant

I know Julie D. is going to put up a Lost post today, so I'm beating her to the punch -- ha, ha...

We watched last week's episode and Wednesday's episode back-to-back last night. Funny thing about Lost -- when it comes time to watch it I'm never interested and keep putting it off, but once we've sat down and turned it on we're drawn in and keep discussing it after it's over. Dunno why that is.

Anyway, who didn't know that Sun's wedding ring was buried with the bottle? It seemed glaringly obvious, though I was glad to see an episode with more of their back story. Jin is one of my favorite characters, and if they kill him off I'll be furious. Their "meet cute" was up there on my list of favorites.

And speaking of killing characters off, what was with the "coming up next time" preview at the end of this week's episode? They're going to make us wait three weeks to find out who gets killed off? I was up late last night trying to figure out who's going this time. Boone wasn't really a major character, and was quite expendable as far as the story went. But maybe they'll be more daring this time and kill off one of the major characters. Locke? Jack? (Oh, please...) Or Michelle Rodriguez -- if her character doesn't chill, I'll come across the screen and smack her myself. But she and Sawyer are made for each other -- maybe his collapse next time will soften her womanly heart.

Who was the blonde kissing someone in the preview? Was that Claire and Charlie? Couldn't get a good glimpse.

Alrighty, my girls are dumping the cat's food in his water dish, so that's all the Losting I have time for now. But since we have three weeks until our next fix, the discussion floor is open.

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