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Monday, October 31, 2005

Why I don't take my girls trick-or-treating

No, it's not for any reactionary dislike of Halloween. It's because they're too young for so much candy, and then I'd end up eating lots of it after they went to bed. And I'm trying to watch my girlish figure -- both of them, actually.

Of course, we already had to buy a new bag of candy to replace the one that was snacked on for the past week.


Julie D. said...

Too young for so much candy? You're not really an American are you? Hmmmm....

What I found with my girls is that they would eat a little but then lose interest ... even now when they're teenagers they will have candy left around that's months old. Actually, I'm not sure that THEY'RE Americans. Certainly my brother, sister, and I could go through a bag of Halloween candy in about two days.

mrsdarwin said...

Well, I lied, since we did end up taking them out... I'll post on it.