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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Curios and Relics, Here I Come

Work has been pretty all-consuming this week (leaving me with several long posts that I've started but not had time to finish), however yesterday a government agency actualy warmed my heart a little. I received my C&R license from the ATF, meaning that I am now legally able to purchase "curio and relic" (read more than fifty years old -- a catagory that Rick Lugari has yet to enter) firearms across state lines via mail order.

Just in time for my birthday...


Fidei Defensor said...

Congratulations, you can pick up a Russian Mosin or a British Enfield on the cheap now from I have heard good things about them.

Rick Lugari said...

heh ;)

You need to get an M1 for sure, but better yet... starting next year you should be able to get ahold of the ultimate infantry rifle, the M14.

Darwin said...

I'm thinking about waiting on the M1 till next time we drive up to visit the in-laws in Ohio. Then I could drive up to the CMP's North Store and pick one (or two!) out in person.

So tell us, Rick, what is it that happens next year with M14s? This I have not heard. I thought the Clinton administration pretty much nixed those ever getting sold into the civilian market (and even destroyed a bunch).

Fidei Defensor said...

Yah I have only heard that Clinton had tons of M14's (and certain ammounts of Garands, M1 Carbines, and others that were still in storage) melted down.

It was kind of ridiculus, not only destroying fine operating weapons, but paying a firm at tax-payer expense to do it.

I think the M14 is good enough a rifle that it wouldn't hurt for the millitary to keep a few thousand, but if they most be gotten rid of, the gov't could have made some good money selling them to the public.

If these ever hit the open market the way the CMP M1's have it would be a big deal. Any info would be appreciated Rick.