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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now I know

I'm gearing up to paint my living room, so I've been busy caulking, spackling, priming over crayon scribbles (this is a separate step from priming the whole room prior to putting on the top coat), sanding, and eyeing my two test patches of color to see if I like how they look on the room. And I do.

Here's some color advice I'll offer free of charge to anyone who's considering painting: if you're going to put up Tender Rose as your main color, Golden Glow is NOT the right yellow to go with it. Just want to be clear on that. Thank goodness that paint comes in quarts so you can experiment first!

When I'm finished with this project (don't hold your breath out there) I'll put up before and after pix.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to those pictures...
A blessed day to you!!

Anonymous said...

The Mr. Clean erasers take crayon off walls really nicely. In fact, they even take off the indelible ink (courtesy of Jude) from my new dining room table.

I've gone through quite a few of those erasers and I'm NOT happy to say that I am probably their best customer.

I'm curious, though... what do you plan to do with the girls while you're painting? Rick and I always waited until the kids were in bed for the night to do ours. It seemed to take forever to get it done.

mrsdarwin said...

Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers are truly an example of technology improving our lives. They took dirt off my kitchen floor that even hand scrubbing wouldn't bugde. The linoleum was so clean that I actually laid on the floor and just marveled.

Unfortunately, this crayon was so heavy that it was killing the erasers. Priming did the trick.

As for the girls, a friend and I are trading off babysitting one day a week, and that's when I get my prep work done. The actual painting may have to happen at night. I have this odd flyspace right above my front door that's really thwarting my artistic sensibilities -- I'm going to need a 20-ft. ladder (at least) and daylight for that.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I HATE painting and I've certainly seen enough of it lately and more to come. Ugh!