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Monday, June 26, 2006

Suggest Life Drawing -- Lose Your Job

Chad of On The Silent Planet recently recommended to me the Art Renewal Center website, which I've since added to the sidebar.

Another commenter pointed out an appauling case referred to on the ARC website, where a high school art teacher of 25 years has been suspended from his job and may be fired for the crime of recommending that some of his advanced students who intended to go on to art school take life drawing classes. Mr. Panse apparently suggested that the students could enroll in a class at a local art school or community college, and said he was considering trying to arrange a special topic class through the high school.

Apparently the school considers these "comments that students could construe as being of a sexual or personal nature...or using [his] position as a teacher to put students into any situation reasonably likely to make them feel uncomfortable because of the injection of sexuality into...the substance of [his] comments."

Modesty may be a virtue, but this sounds like straight idiocy.

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