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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Floor Show

The downstairs floor is finished. All the wood is installed. (Let's not speak of the baseboards, the grout, or the thresholds.)

To celebrate this, I give you the Misses Darwin, perched upon what are now empty boxes.


Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Oh, the cuteness!

(Congratulations on finishing an enormous job.)

Barb said...

Oh wow!!! I can't believe how much older they all look!
You must be so happy to get that flooring finished.
I hope you all get to have a relaxing know I'm not!
God bless...

Amber said...

What a great picture! And congratulations on getting all that flooring down, what a job. I'm sure the baseboards, etc will be a snap. Just don't take a break, otherwise you may find yourselves in the same position of some friends of mine who still hadn't finished the baseboards almost 6 months after getting the floor down! :-)

mrsdarwin said...


Oh, believe me, that is ever on my mind. We tiled our upstairs bathroom three years ago, and it still doesn't have baseboards. Hopefully that will get done now...

Foxfier said...

...You do have a big back yard, right?

And either a shotgun or a sword collection or something?

The lady on the left looks like an impish charmer to be, the middle lady is going to be sweet, and the lady on the right looks like she'll have a solid, classic case of lovely.

Congrats on them all! (and the floor.) ;^p