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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Only Very Mildly Quirky

Kyle of Postmodern Papist has tagged us on the Six Quirks meme. There's nothing like trying to come up with six quirks to write about to make you feel terribly mundane and ordinary, but here is our best shot on a Sunday evening.
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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I'm not sure that we're quirky enough to muster illustrative songs as Kyle has, and one of my quirks which I shall not officially enumerate at this time is that I never tag people on memes, but that aside:

1) We do not currently have a TV. This does not mean we never watch anything, as we continue to slowly work through our NetFlix queue on the iMac, and there's an old 12 inch TV/VCR combo on which the girls are occasionally set loose with their children's videos, but when the TV died some months ago we took the opportunity to cancel the cable subscription and have since been cut off from the act of "watching TV".

2) While we have an affinity for large projects (reflooring the downstairs, this weekend spent refinishing a newly acquired old desk, etc.) there are many small upkeep things around the house that have been waiting for our time for months, and continue to wait: a curtain rod needing to be re-hung in our bathroom (thus we must shower in the dark at night), the seats on our kitchen chairs have not been screwed back down since they were refinished eight years ago, etc.

3) Darwin eats his cereal without milk and Mrs Darwin hates Oreos.

4) We are both of the as yet small group of home school graduates now homeschooling our children.

5) We have a very rapid family linguistic cycle, most especially for nicknames. One or more of our three girls have, over the last few years, borne the names: Noogs, Babs, Toogs, Cake, Bella, Belly, Shabs, Pigs, Snooglet, or any of the above with -belle or -let added as a suffix.

6) Mrs Darwin hates romance novels, and Darwin is completely bored by sports (except when the boys at work are following a cricket match between India and Pakistan).

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