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Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting there

Here is a preview of what the finished project will look like. Not all that shoe molding is nailed on yet, and we need to caulk and paint (it came pre-primed), but at last, we have a foretaste of final floor bliss.

It's also amazing what a difference it makes when you dig through the garage for the paint can and touch up all the scuffs and nicks and long gouges on the walls. Makes the paint look fresh. Perhaps I should do that in the kitchen as well, which looks a bit like a war zone only three years after being painted.

See those darker bits in the corner? Funny story about that. Unfortunately, we ran out of wood and adhesive with about five square left to lay; fortunately, we had to make a trip down to the flooring store anyway to return an unused bucket of sealant. Unfortunately, down at the flooring store, we couldn't match the color exactly; fortunately, the closest match was still teak. Unfortunately, we had to buy the entire box just to get five square feet; fortunately, the salesman priced the box at fifty cents a square foot. (That's $0.50/sq. ft., if you like your figures expressed that way.) I defy anyone to find a better deal. And since we were returning the sealant, we actually made money on the deal (though buying molding ate through that, and then some).

Just to contrast, here's what the rest of the living room currently looks like.


TS said...

Lovely...y'all have good taste.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I love seeing people finish this kind of project. (Have to settle for vicarious thrills -- never seem to finish anything on my own.)

Dorian Speed said...

That really looks great - I wish I had a similarly impressive home-improvement project to show for my own nesting stage.

mrsdarwin said...

Actually, right now a lot of my nesting involves window shopping on Craigslist. I do it all from the comfort of my computer chair, and I get to see the odd stuff other people post while wondering why someone won't oblige me by posting the perfect desk with a file drawer (to replace ugly gray file cabinet so prominent in the cluttered picture).

Dorian Speed said...

Yes! I am doing this form of nesting, too! We did get a sideboard, which has been a very exciting purchase. What we really need is a couch to replace the completely broken futon we keep sitting on, hoping it will heal itself if we just give it more time. Craigslist is fun to browse.

Kiwi Nomad said...

Looks great... and all the best with the 'nesting'!