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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Iowahawk has the scoop

Iowahawk presents us with a note from Barack Obama in which he clearly explains his position on withdrawing troops from Iraq:

A Clarification

A Message to American Voters
By Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)

...Let me be crystal clear: if elected president, my first act will be to call for the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq. I have always been consistent and forthright in this position, and I want to reassure my supporters that my recent statement backtracking from it was just some bullsh*t my staff came up with to tack to the center for the general election. To win this election, it will be critical to appeal to the dwindling but stubborn group of idiots who cling to fantasies of American "victory" in this tragic disaster. It's an unfortunate part of the complicated game of presidential politics, but let's face it: I can't stop this war if I'm not in the White House. However, you should know by now that whatever I may say from now until November, once elected I will immediately pull the rug from these gullible pro-war rubes.

Or will I?
Also, Iowahawkboils down the Supreme Court's recent rulings:

Court Okays Gun Rights for Detainees, Child Rapists

...The petitioner in the case, Abdul Hamid Atwah, was a well known Taliban child entertainer and rapist who was detained by U.S. Marines after a 2005 sweep on an Afghanistan playground and has been held at Guantanamo ever since. In 2007 the court agreed to hear his case suing the government for restricting his Second Amendment rights to keep court-appointed handguns and explosives in his detention cell.

Writing for the majority, Justice William Kennedy said that "as an enthusiastic child rapist and terrorist, petitioner has a reasonable expectation of threats of harm. This court recognize his proportional right to self-defense under the sweet, elusive penumbra of our ever-mutating Constitution."

In his dissenting opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia said "I totally f@*&ing give up."

Read them both in their entirety, and no coffee near the keyboard.


Pro Ecclesia said...

I suppose he means Anthony Kennedy, but I wouldn't put it past Obama to try to put William Kennedy Smith on the Court out of gratitude to the Kennedy clan for their support of his candidacy.

Pro Ecclesia said...

I mean, I can see how William Kennedy Smith might have some sympathy for rapists, after all.