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Friday, October 17, 2008

Nasty Canasta

Seeing as posting has been light this week, here's one last classic for your Friday:


Bernard Brandt said...

Dear Fr. Z (Father, bless!):

I entirely agree with you that Senator Barack Hussain Obama was funny at the Al Smith Dinner. I also agree with those of your commenters who have said that Senator McCain was much funnier.

But I disagree with those who thought that Obama should not have been at the dinner. Yes, the Great O supports abortion "rights". This, however, falls into the category of comments described by the late Douglas Adams as "True but Unhelpful."

I look upon the dinner as the opportunity to see that McCain could think well on his feet and needed neither prepared notes nor a Teleprompter to make his speech, or his points. And the equal opportunity to see revealed that Mr. O. was both text-bound and rather humourless.

In short, it was a forum which enabled McCain to do what he could not accomplish in three debates: to reveal the real man behind the curtains (reference to The Wizard of Oz.

Or as my Uncle Joe from Oklahoma said: "I don't care in the least whether Obama is black. I'm not voting for him because he is green.

Bernard Brandt said...

Dear MrsDarwin:

I am terribly sorry that I posted the latter message on your comments page. I had two windows open, and posted my message to Fr. Zuhlsdorf to your page.

For what it is worth, this is the page that I meant to post it to:

Again, sorry.

mrsdarwin said...


No problem. I saw the two speeches as well, and I agree that McCain did quite well. I think he enjoys getting up in front of folks and playing the funny man, and he seemed very comfortable. I'm not sure that Obama is quite as comfortable giving humorous speeches. His self-deprecating humor seemed somewhat forced -- that's not a put-down but an observation. Perhaps he just needed better material.

LogEyed Roman said...

O Frabjous day! One of my old faves. Thanks awefully.

LogEyed Roman

Anonymous said...

Because that's what we need in a president. A funnyman. 8 years of bush = enough humor. Time for a president who we can respect, not laugh at.

mrsdarwin said...


Get over yourself.

CMinor said...

I'm glad Bernard explained himself. I hadn't thought the cartoon was that deep!

CMinor said...

Y'know, anon, I think the ability to not take onesself too seriously is worthy of respect. Also critical for someone who is going to have to deal graciously with large numbers of people who don't necessarily see things his way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Darwin,

I am now over myself. Here's to the future -- let's celebrate it together.



mrsdarwin said...


You have a long memory! I'd forgotten this exchange. Glad to hear of your change in status. :)