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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Indiana Jones theme: now with more annoying!

On the Annoying Songs post below, Dorian commented, "I will not show this to my children, as I do not wish for it to be duplicated in my household. A household which features the Indiana Jones theme song on permanent loop."

Well, ask and you shall receive! Here, for Dorian, is the Indiana Jones theme made extremely annoying. To up the annoying ante, our piano is slightly out of tune, and I've left in my mistakes.

It is surprisingly hard to play irritating music under the surveillance of a camera. Thanks to Darwin for his brilliant cinematography and for putting up with my figuring out the annoying tune.


CMinor said...

Not bad at all! Perhaps you could gently suggest to Dorian that at least it's not "Chopsticks" or "Heart and Soul."

Dorian Speed said...

Wow. That is probably the summum malum of annoyingness. My husband and I are simultaneously impressed and horrified.

We shall never show this to the children. But I am deeply moved by your - kindness?