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Monday, June 28, 2010

Orgasmic Bullshit -- or is it?

A commenter over at Bearing's objected to my total dismissal of orgasmic birth and provided links to some videos of people purporting to have just that. Now, call me biased, but I don't intend, now or ever, to watch a videos of people claiming to have an orgasm under any circumstances. However, in the interests of fairness, I post the links; feel free to leave your impressions.

Bob the Ape, the poet laureate of the Catholic blogsphere, was inspired to pen a few lines on the topic. I leave him with the richly deserved last word.
Said a lady, "I've felt both sensations:
The beginning and end of gestations;
And between an orgasm
And labor, a chasm
Is fixed; so please don't try my patience!"


bearing said...

OK, I love love love the poem. That's awesome.

CMinor said...

Masterfully executed, Sir Ape!

Bob the Ape said...

Thank you very much!

Nicholas said...

If I were to guess (I didn't bother with the links) based on nothing other than your post here (as this is actually the first I am hearing of this concept)...

I would speculate that it is perhaps possible that the human body deals with the trauma of childbirth by releasing dopamine and such, which is probably the parallel they are trying to draw.