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Monday, February 19, 2007

Doing and Doing Without

Borrowed from Rich Leonardi:

Things that I haven't done that I hope to do:

(1) Design and have built our own house, on a decent sized piece of land, with no HOA in sight.
(2) Read the Iliad in Greek (though this becomes diminishingly likely as each year results in more forgotten Greek vocabulary and grammar).
(3) Have a book published. (Or course, this requires actively getting back to writing...)
(4) Finish reading A Dance to the Music of Time. (After five years, I've read 9.5 out of the 12 novels.)
(5) Go on vacation with just my wife.

Things that I haven't done that I can do without:

(1) Own a big screen TV.
(2) Read something by Ayn Rand.
(3) Upgrade to Windows Vista.
(4) Keep a dog.
(5) Have a playstation, xbox, etc. under my roof.


Patrick Braga-Henebry said...

you might be pleasantly surprised by the wii. i assume you are somewhat familiar with it. give bowling a try.

Literacy-chic said...

I would've had you tagged as a Mac user! (Accept it as a compliment!)

Darwin said...


Our home computer is an iMac, and I generally prefer Macs, but as a techno type I end up having to run Windows and Linux machines for work as well.


I confess myself to be perplexed as to what a wii is... Should I be?

Slick said...

wii is nintendo's latest version of game consoles. pretty neat...