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Sunday, February 04, 2007

We're in, and we're in to win!

The 2007 Catholic Blog Awards are now accepting nominations, and we've decided to throw our hat into the ring and do a little campaigning this year. Here at DarwinCatholic, we think we're pretty intelligent, fairly clever, and moderately entertaining. Most politicians run on lesser platforms than that. As there aren't any politicians running for the Catholic Blog Awards, the competition might be stiff. We think we can handle it.

Darwin had thought that we might run in the "Best Catholic Blog about Science, Beer, Philosophy, Children, and Guns" category (think of all the fun we have with these things laying about the house!), but it seems that's not one of the options this year. Darwin's business training has taught him that to achieve success, it's essential to concentrate your efforts, so we're recommending ourselves for:

"Best Group Blog"
"Smartest Catholic Blog".

(You, gentle readers, can tell us which of these categories you think is more of a reach.)

Every campaign needs a specious campaign promise to rouse the base. Well, we're not about to stoop to cat-blogging or posting pictures of Brazilian models to shake things up here. (Okay, we might if we really have to.) The point is, we want an award with no monetary value and no recognition outside a very small portion of cyberspace. We think that, like Bob Dole, it's our turn to be nominated. Unlike Bob Dole, we're gonna win.

Not to hog all the glory for ourselves, I'm also starting a campaign on behalf of Fr. Fox, author of the fine Bonfire of the Vanities, for the category of Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian. Fr. Fox is consistently intelligent and readable, and his insightful commentary on matters of parish life and liturgy is excellent. He deserves the award if only for posting his marvelous homilies every week. Go read him, and then nominate him. And then nominate us.


Pro Ecclesia said...

You have at least one nomination for "Smartest Blog". Good luck.

mrsdarwin said...


Fidei Defensor said...

I don't know, in abscence of a guns, science, beer, and kids catagory I almost feel as if I should be boycotting these awards... haha "Smartest Blog" sounds reasonable to me. If you wanted best group blog you'd need more of a group, what you could do is get one of the kids to pound on the keyboard a bit, post that, and make her an offical memeber of the blog, who could vote against a child?

Fr Martin Fox said...

Mrs. D:

Well, that's very kind of you. Especially since your brother met me in D.C. and has by now, I'm sure, disabused you of all your lofty thoughts of me!

mrsdarwin said...

Oh,not at all, Father. In fact, when I asked him if he'd met you, he said (and I quote), "Oh yeah, he's pretty cool." A ringing endorsement.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Mrs. D:

Well, isn't that great!

As it happens, he missed out on free beer! I met up with some of the seminarians at the hotel, the night before the march, and we had something to eat, and to drink. Alas for your brother, he wasn't there.

mrsdarwin said...

If there's one thing that grieves my brother, it's missing out on free beer.

Maureen said...

Oh, just before paying you a visit, I voted for you in the political and social commentary category. I guess I need to go back and vote for smartest blog too. Keep up the great work!