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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A (rather long) sampling of Darwin

It may be that with the Catholic Blog Awards in full swing (in which you may wish to vote) there are people visiting who are new to the DarwinCatholic scene. On the other hand, it may just be that it seemed easier to put together a compendium of this past year's greats at 11pm at night than to write something cogent and substantive. Take your pick...

We hit the high notes of musical history.

Darwin reviewed the court's decision in the Dover school board ID case.

Darwin takes aim at patent law.

MrsDarwin contemplated the baby while Darwin contemplated something else.

MrsDarwin had to get up off the couch.

We endorse liturgical theatrics

Extreme Ironing

Darwin on faith in an age of science.

Meditations on hunting and gathering in suburbia.

Thoughts on Rod Dreher, immanentizing the eschaton, and what the heck a parish is for anyway.

Darwin examines an inconvenient truth about global warming. And comes back for more.

What every 18-year-old should know

MrsDarwin fights off sloth

The night the bed fell.

The Mind of God: Part One and Part Two.

Notes on the reading of Pooh.

Thoughts on Modesty, Illustrated.

Darwin on lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Darwin on the income gap.

Belief, Evidence, and Will

And, of course, some great posts on drinks.

Note: as it turns out, it's not actually faster to read through a year's worth of posts than it is to write a fresh piece. Who knew?

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