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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Pandagon Papers

Everyone's heard by now about the anti-Catholic bigots John Edwards hired to blog for his campaign. Well, Iowahawk has been dumpster-diving again and has discovered the behind-the-scenes email to John Edwards from one of the bloggers.

To: Senator John Edwards
From: Amanda Marcotte
Re: Campaign Ideas

Dear Senator Edwards:

I had a couple of ideas for getting the campaign off to a f***ing roaring start. I ran some numbers and discovered that (1) Orange County North Carolina has a shocking lack of women's reproductive health centers, and (2) your new home there has 28,000 square feet of space. What better way to address community health needs -- and appeal to the women's vote -- than by installing an abortion clinic inside your own house? It would only take up about 500 square feet total (not counting the exterior biohazard dumpster), and you appear to have a f***ing awesome space between the indoor basketball court and reflective koi pond.

Be warned: extreme comic profanity content. Read at your own risk (and put down your coffee first...).


Pro Ecclesia said...

You're a brave woman, Mrs. Darwin. I almost linked to this yesterday, but chickened out at the last minute.

It's LOL funny, but I've caught hell before for linking to "off-color" material.

mrsdarwin said...

Any time I link to Iowahawk (and when he's on a streak, he's about the funniest guy out there) I issue a warning, just to head off the complaints.

Jeff Miller said...

I also found some of his new campaign literature.