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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hail, hail, the gang's all here

Looks like the blogging gods are smiling upon us -- our site has transferred successfully to the "We're out of Beta!" stage. And Darwin has even gotten in a potshot at the ID movement already.

By the way, you all know that Darwin is a pseudonym, right? That's not actually our last name, though we've taken to calling each other "Darwin" and "MrsDarwin" around the house.

Life at the Darwin manor continues apace. Since we enjoyed it so much the first go 'round, I've started Babs* on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. So far we've read about sad rams and mad cats and "see me eat". Babs seems to be taking to it. She's recognizing the letters she's learned and sounds them out when she sees them elsewhere. Our biggest problem is Noogs* trying to sit in on the lesson and show off by reading it herself.

There are talks here of starting a theater group for the homeschoolers in the area, and I've been tapped to direct. Anyone out there have any experience with putting on plays for the 5-10 age range? What sort of shows did you do? How often were the practices? I'd rather work with an older age range, but mothers with older children seem too swamped to be excited by putting together one more group activity.

Baby Darwin* is still a treat, of course. At 11 months of age, she can babble and clap and get around the room if she has something to cling to. She can also climb up stairs and stick her hand in the toilet. We've had to have the "shut the bathroom door, and for pete's sake flush the toilet!" talk with the girls a few times now. You know what I'm talking about.

I've been trying my hand at quilting, because of course my vast experience with hemming curtains with a jerky straight seam has prepared me for greater tasks. Note to beginners: if you must make a quilt, start with a baby quilt, not coordinated twin quilts for your daughters who have no blankets in the winter. Just sayin'. But one day I can tell my girls that their quilts have a part of me in them -- literally, as I've sewn my finger to the back of the quilt several times.

He didn't mention it, but Darwin had a birthday just recently. (Don't worry; he can still be trusted.) So if you remember Darwin, feel free to share your stories for the benefit of us all.

*Not her real name, of course.


Anonymous said...

When I've tried to go to your links, I get an error code page. Hmm...
I know exactly what you mean about quilting...I think I will take it up again when my homeschooling days are over.
I hope that Darwin had a happy, blessed birthday!
God bless!

Kiwi Nomad said...

I first met Darwin completely by accident one day when I was visiting the US. Someone had told me about this 'superb' museum in Kentucky with life-size dinosaur models. I thought I might get a model there for my youngest nephew who was really into dinosaurs at the time. Imagine my surprise when I got to that museum to find out that they had humans in their displays along with the dinosaurs. (Being a Kiwi and all, I had been taught biology properly and had never before come across this bizarre coupling of creatures.) As I emerged, dazed and confused, out into the daylight again, who should I meet outside in the parking lot, but Darwin. He was en route to Cincinnati for a work conference and his workmate had wanted to see the museum. Strangely enough, Darwin had already known it was better to just wait outside in the carpark. He rescued my dazed self from the confusion of ID and so began a frisndsip with the family that has lasted across the oceans.

Kiwi Nomad said...

friendship... the typo gremlin strikes again bizarrely!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Yikes, the Darwins are young enough to be trusted??? I haven't been trustworthy in more than 11 years now.

Happy birthday, Darwin!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Darwin, remember that one time when you and I decided to declaw a pack of rabid wolves? It was awesome. You had the garden shears and I had the blanket to hold them down, and we marched on them and took them by surprise. Of course, we had to get the permission forms from the Iranian government first, and then spend 5 months in an albanian prison, but we eventually got the job done...

Entropy said...

Oh, remember when we were kids and we lived next door to each other? We locked Mrs. Hellenburg's parrot in Mr. Rochester's closet. It nearly gave him a heart attack when in the middle of the night the parrot sang "Waltzing Matilda" and then wouldn't stop lilting "I'm gonna get you----!" Boy, we got in trouble for that one!

Happy Birthday! and a late remembrance for MrsD:

I'll never forget the day we first met. I was walking through an antique store with my gaggle of kids (who were actually perfectly behaved--shock!) and being suspiciously eyed by the lady behind the desk the *entire* time. As we were about to file out, you came up next to us, stared right at the lady and sarcastically asked if she'd like to frisk the kids before we left. We've been friends ever since!

CMinor said...

Happy birthday, Darwin!

MrsD, I started a quilt for Hon. Daughter #1 when she was 11. I got it more or less finished just in time (with her hurrying me along) for her to take it off to college. Is it any wonder I've gone over to knitting?

Gosh, Kiwi, for a moment there I thought you meant the Flintstones...

Rick Lugari said...

Happy belated B-day, Darwin. What sort of adult beverage did you treat yourself to?

Fr Martin Fox said...

(Re: your blogger upgrade)

Welcome to the Blogger Collective.

Resistance is futile.