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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Br. Guy vs. Mark Shea

Mark Shea had posted some criticism of an interview given by Br. Guy, the director of the Vatican observatory, in which Br. Guy addressed the ID debate. Shea went on to quote Aquinas to the good father. Ah, but the internet is a wonderfully small place. Who should show up in the in the comment box but Br. Guy himself, who explained things clearly and charmingly as usual.


John Farrell said...

Yes--superb comment by Br. Guy. Yours weren't so shabby either!

Darwin said...

Yes, well. One tries you know... Though I keep making vague promises that I'll stop reading Shea's comment boxes since it can be such a huge time sink. Definately worth it this time, though.

John Farrell said...

LOL--you're right.