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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mr. Orkin-man

Rejoice with us, o my friends: the Orkin man is coming this morning to wreak vengance on the colony of ants living in our carpet. (This is what happens a few months after two small girls grind an entire bag of brown sugar into the carpet.) The pestilence endeth!

(Or it had better, because we're not quite ready to put hardwood in the living room just yet, especially after the emergency tiling job in our bathroom because our idiot builder years ago put carpet by our bathtub and two small girls dumped water on it and it wouldn't dry out...)


Amber said...

Wow, that is way worse than what we were dealing with! I hope that the Orkin man can take care of your unwelcome guests ASAP - that would just drive me nuts.

I would love to have hardwood in my living room - the carpet in there just gets dirty so fast. Ah, someday when we finally own a house...

mrsdarwin said...

Hope your move planning is going well! When we bought our house in Austin we flew out for three days (we had friends to stay with, which made it easier), picked a house, flew back to California for a month while we finished packing and the house closed, and then flew out again while Mayflower drove our stuff across country. So we were stuffless for a few days, but it all worked out. THEN Darwin found a job out here... I suppose you could call that a leap of faith, but it's turned out well for us.

And once the house has hardwood floors life will be perfect, right?