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Monday, September 19, 2005

What to wear, what to wear

True story: I was driving just south of downtown Austin on my way back from a midwife appointment (Smaskig had the hiccups, apparently), when, as I was stopped at a light, I saw a man with long hair riding a bike that was too small for him. Nothing extraordinary, you say, and you'd be right, except that he was wearing shoulder-length dangly earrings. Well, I thought, this is Austin, and people make odd fashion choices. Then I realized that he was wearing a lacy top. And I felt sorry for him because maybe he was homeless and didn't have any other clothes. But upon further reflection, I believe he was a particularly unsuccessful cross-dresser.

When I say unsuccessful, I mean absolutely unconvincing. Of course he'd successfully worn the clothes, but there was no way he was ever going to pass for a woman. Later, I discussed this with Darwin and wondered why anyone would cross-dress if you weren't going to fool anyone. What was the point of dressing like a woman if you weren't going to look like a woman?

"I don't know," said Darwin. "I've often wondered the same thing about home-schooling moms."

And that is why I'll never wear a jumper.

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