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Monday, September 12, 2005

Curses! Foiled again.

With great excitement we set up last night to tape the return of Foyle's War to Mystery! on PBS. But alas! The girls having unplugged our VCR earlier in the week (and thus reset the clock) we didn't get it. Sigh... Now one must wait two weeks for the repeat on KLRU2.

In other news, we braved the rain yesterday to go downtown and attend the noon mass at Saint Mary's Cathedral here in Austin. Arriving damp and slightly late, we had to stand in the vestibule through mass, and the monkeys here simply terribly behaved. Very beautiful mass, though, with organ, incense and the works. The church was packed to overflowing and with a pretty good showing of young families and UT students. We'll have to go again some time and make sure we get there earlier enough to make it into a pew.

One of the great things about the Austin cathedral is that it's actually been subject to a restoration that left it looking far better than it did before. You can see a few pictures at their website:


Julie D. said...

Y'all are in Austin? Somehow that never registered with me. I'm in Dallas. Perhaps sometime our paths will cross. Here's hopin'. :-)

mrsdarwin said...

I hope so. That would be enjoyable (and would probably involve some good food as well...).

And thanks for the Jambalaya link! Changing the world one bowl of creole goodness at a time!

thomas tucker said...

I was there at the 9:45 AM Mass. We started going there about one year ago and have never looked back to our old parish, where a colored banner is considered high art. It has been interesting to see refugees form other parisheds gradulayy filling the palce up over the past year- especially the young, the orthodox, and many highly-educated professor types.