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Monday, September 26, 2005

The reports of civilization's death have been greatly exaggerated

Well, the mass hysteria has calmed, and it turns out that whoa, maybe civilization didn't quite collapse in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Here's an article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune (what a great name for a newspaper) that tells us that reports of deaths and rapes in the Superdome seem to have been blown out of proportion.
After five days managing near-riots, medical horrors and unspeakable living conditions inside the Superdome, Louisiana National Guard Col. Thomas Beron prepared to hand over the dead to representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Following days of internationally reported killings, rapes and gang violence inside the Dome, the doctor from FEMA - Beron doesn't remember his name - came prepared for a grisly scene: He brought a refrigerated 18-wheeler and three doctors to process bodies.

"I've got a report of 200 bodies in the Dome," Beron recalls the doctor saying.

The real total was six, Beron said.

Of those, four died of natural causes, one overdosed and another jumped to his death in an apparent suicide, said Beron, who personally oversaw the turning over of bodies from a Dome freezer, where they lay atop melting bags of ice. State health department officials in charge of body recovery put the official death count at the Dome at 10, but Beron said the other four bodies were found in the street near the Dome, not inside it. Both sources said no one had been killed inside.
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