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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Comments on Vatican II Implementation

A faithful Catholic who is quite dear to me sent me some remarks on the immediate reception and effects of Vatican II, apropos of our earlier discussion here on the blog.
Since I was an adult when V2 was in session, I well remember the aftermath. It seemed to the average lay person that the Church had thrown the baby out with the bath water. For those of us in the pews, it was sheer chaos, as there were as many interpretations of the documents as there were priests explaining things. My Dad, who was a convert had the best remark, " If I'd wanted this, I'd have stayed Protestant!"
I remember that it was hard for me, who had been taught that it was a mortal sin to eat meat on Fri. to reconcile the loss of one's soul to Hell for eternity, with "Oh, never mind, that's changed now". Forever is forever, so do those souls now receive a get out of jail card ? (Apparently that was not universally taught, but as I recall, if one thinks something is a mortal sin, and commits it, It is mortal for that person). Anyway, it was very confusing. What I resented was this attitude of changing something as"in the spirit of V2', when the change was not stated that way in the document, i.e.placing the Blessed Sacrament on a side altar out of sight.It makes me feel better now that some of this kind of stuff is being rectified. Those churches around here which have restored Adoration, Novenas, etc. are expanding.
I'd be interested to hear comments from more who remember the immediate effects of Vatican II. We'll do a bit of research from this end and see if we can find some other memories to post.

And a question from my correspondent, which I thought I would share here in hopes of some discussion:

By the way, is joy a function of the will? I'm thinking of the difference between happiness & joy. This is a bit fuzzy in my memory.

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