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Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Summer, another A/C repair

We are the proud holders of a home warranty that's supposed to fix all problems covered for $50 a repair call. Sounds nice, no? And it sure would be nice if the air conditioner had been fixed for good in the last four visits. But no, as the temperature starts pushing toward 90 degrees, I find that once again the air conditioner does not blow cold. Never fear, however -- Darwin is making the call this time, and he'll find a way to by-pass the system and speak to a live operator and make them fix the air conditioner this time.

In the meantime, the windows are open -- but wait! Several of our windows have huge holes in the screen (thanks, cats next door). So the limited air flow in our surburban box is further impeded. New screens are on order and should be coming soon. In the meantime, I have the house fan on and the screened windows open, and there's an approximation of ventilation going on. Let me once more take the opportunity to rail against cheapskate builders of suburban boxes who assume that since there's air conditioning, windows are merely a cosmetic feature (though the builders' idea of beauty is off-kilter, since some sides of our house have only one or two windows in odd places).

But dang, it's hot already!


Anonymous said...

90 degrees already? Yikes!! We are telling our boys that we will go to Texas next April on vacation...I thought the temperatures would be good then and I hear that's when the bluebonnets bloom (are they blooming now?), but 90's already?
I know what you mean about having Darwin call...Mark always seems to have better leverage with these people. I remember taking my car in service one time and telling the guy what was wrong with it (I knew what I was talking about too!) and he asked straight off if I had a note from my husband. I told him in no uncertain terms that I didn't need a note from my husband...hehe..
Hope you can get it fixed soon!
Blessed Easter Monday!

Rick Lugari said...

I know of a number of ways to fix your screens for good depending on how populated your area is.

If it's very populated use a .45 or a .410 (a little messier, but fun).

If you have a little bit of elbow room, nothing beats a .22 for sheer child-like joy.

Further out of town a .308 would be a rewarding fix, you wouldn't even have to pick it up - just leave it to rot.

If you live in Egypt and are wealthy enough you could use a .50 cal., which would be like a dream come true. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh man....

Been there in May, and it feels like August. Been there in August, and it feels like hell....