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Monday, April 03, 2006

Fire From Heaven

Catholic SF/F author and would be evangelizer looses fire from heaven on Jehovahs Wittnesses.

Tim Powers is, for my money, one of the best fantasy and science fiction authors out there -- though perhaps that's not a fair comparison since he increasingly writes in his own very offbeat genre, not in the sometimes derivative world of modern F & SF. If you haven't read Declare, you should.


Maureen said...

Would this title be okay for a high schooler. Sounds like something my 16-year old would love. Who, btw, is writing his own fantasy novel.

Darwin said...

Certainly a noble undertaking for a high schooler -- that's where a lot of my spare time went at the same age. :-)

Declare is very well written and shows the author's Catholic worldview much more than any of his previous work. However it also has certain elements which are 'adult'. I think a mature 16-year-old would get a lot out of Declare. One who is very jumpy about moral content might get alarmed part way through and not see the larger picture. And some might not be mature enough.

How's this: If you think your son is of the right maturity and cast of mind to read Brideshead Revisited and see the greater moral point rather than being thrown off by the various moral failings of the characters, then he would probably also be fine reading Declare.