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Sunday, April 16, 2006

He is risen!

A blessed, sunny, joyful Easter to you all! We had several adult baptisms at our parish last night, and I couldn't keep from smiling during them. I can't wait until tiny miss Mops is baptized. I really can't wait until her sisters can behave in church...

We're off to friends for brunch. I send up many prayers for the success of my quiche, if that crust is salvagable. Here's a cooking hint from Mrs. Darwin: when bringing a dish to a meal, don't try out something new. Make something familiar, because then you'll know how it'll turn out.



Anonymous said...

A blessed, joyful Easter to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Christós anésti!! Christ is risen!

Blessings to the Darwins from the Northwest. May you have a blessed Easter. I love being Catholic, because Easter is 8 days long. :-)

We are getting used to the idea of not spending Easter with family. We've got dinner with some friends tonight.

The one thing I did not appreciate this morning was that the tambourine returned to mass. :-(

From the "Tex" family...
Happy Easter!

Pro Ecclesia said...

"I can't wait until tiny miss Mops is baptized."

Ditto for Mary Virginia.

"I really can't wait until her [siblings] can behave in church..."

Ditto for Jamie and Aidan.