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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Darwin Plays Mr. Mom

MrsDarwin and the baby have been off in Ohio since Friday morning attending her father's surprise birthday party (No longer a surprise now, so I can safely write about it.) so I've been holding down the roost with the two older girls over the weekend.

I must say it's been an experience -- and explains why there hasn't been any posting since Thursday. But I can hardly complain all that much since most of what I've been dealing with (not being able to do anything that doesn't involve watching the girls and not having anyone adult to talk to) are things my wife deals with every day.

I am, of course, outnumbered by the ladies, and Noogs and Babs take their duties as ladies very seriously, so I've had to provide them with occasional cups of tea (with lots of milk added) in their pretty tea cups and turn on "dancy music" upon demand. However, every so often Daddy's influence comes through. I asked them what they wanted to do yesterday morning and Noogs answered, "I think we should work on your gun, Daddy." So we spent a while in the back yard sanding down the stock of the Mauser. They quickly tired of the actual work and decided that the discarded pieces of sandpaper and steel wool were dinosaur eggs which they needed to take care of.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you this weekend, knowing you were on your own....I was able to meet your lovely wife and hold that precious baby of yours...what a joy!....there is nothing in the world like holding a sleeping baby...a blessed day to all of you!

Darwin said...


I occasionally join in on the swing. The great thing about swing dancing with a toddler is that you can do all the tosses and stuff much more easily with someone who weighs under 40lbs...