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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Save the date

My booking agent, Rick Lugari, has scheduled me to speak about a topic on which I apparently have much to say:

Let's hope I didn't hotlink that one, Rick!

He also sent me a copy of a book that more than one of you might also appreciate:

So I hope this qualifies me to be a charter member of the B-Team and hang out with the cool kids:


Rick Lugari said...

MrsD, I'm so proud of you. You have almost mastered Chapter 3 - Netiquette, the dos and don'ts.

If you would have bothered to read the Forward, you would have learned that the Amateur Catholic Blogger's number one fault is inconsistency. Then in Chapter 1 you would have read some tips on how to be consistent and not make the same errors twice.

How do I know you skipped straight to the chapter about hotlinking?

Easy: You downloaded the MrsDarwin church sign and the book cover image and uploaded them to your own Blogger account. You even went as far as to point out that you did it right. Yet in the last image (the A-Team) you hotlinked to it. It's on Der Tommissar's photobucket server. tsk tsk

I have faith in you though. You'll get it right sooner or later. ;)

mrsdarwin said...

Well, I hope it's fixed now. Sorry, Der Tomissar!

Darwin said...

Not to get into a sand kicking contest, Rick, but if you will "View Source" a little more carefully you will see that she was consistent and actually hotlinked to all three images.

The thing that's throwing you off is that the two images from YOUR site are also uploaded to the server. However, if you drill down farther you will notice that they're in different directories of the blogger server, which is because they're pointed to YOUR blogger account.

Sigh... These civil engineers don't know squat about HTML.

However, I've pointed out to the distressed MrsDarwin that there's no point in changing the links because Blogger is hosting everyone's images on the same servers, so there's no way you can 'steal' bandwidth between one blogger account and another.

Rick Lugari said...

Yeah, I see that now. I actually glanced at the other two and saw the resolution was different but didn't check the directory, so I assumed she uploaded those to Blogger herself. So, now I am wondering if she was going to hotlink to images that were already on Blogger, why didn't she just insert the image link directly, rather than going through the hassle of generating/uploading a link via Blogger's lame image upload tool. Seems kind of redundant to me.

That's okay though, it's not like we marry them for their logic or anything, huh?


Rick Lugari said...

Well Usceae, unfortunately the book cover was made with a book cover generator too. I suppose it would be a good idea to publish something like that, but alas, I'd have to give up my status as a B-Teamer - and I wouldn't want to do that. After all, there is a certain pride that comes with the humility of being second-class. ;)

Dr. Thursday said...

Rick and Mrs. Darwin - as GKC pointed out, the truth of humility is found in a fairy tale:

...the lesson of "Cinderella," which is the same as that of the Magnificat: "Exaltavit humiles" ["He has lifted up the humble" Lk 1:52]

[GKC, Orthodoxy CW1:253]

Happy Octave of Easter!

Anonymous said...

That's okay though, it's not like we marry them for their logic or anything, huh?

Better watch it. You know I have been authorized to "open up a whole six-pack of whoop-ass on your sorry self." Don't make me have to do it.

mrsdarwin said...

You go, girl.

Rick Lugari said...