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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A blog to watch

Usceae is a new blog by an anonymous Catholic in an majority Islamic country.

Firstly, I am a Roman Catholic Christian living in a majority non-Christian country (in this case, Islamic). I have, however, previously lived in the UK and the US (several years each), and also spent several months at a time in China, continental Europe, and Thailand, and have travelled to a great many other places (for both work and pleasure). I have a family (a wonderful, God-sent wife, who happens to be Protestant - and whom I thank God every day for) and 2 young children (a girl and a boy).

Secondly, this blog exists because I, at least, believe that we live in a world where there are great challenges everywhere for believers. In countries such as mine, the need to achieve the reality of being good Christians and citizens within the context of an alternative religious framework on the part of the majority. In countries such as I have seen in the elsewhere (e.g. US, UK) the struggle to keep the faith within a secular (sometimes aggressively so) environment, with a constant siren song of materialism. In my opinion, there is some value in discussing these issues, and highlighting, on a regular basis, events occuring at the major cultural and religious interfaces in today's world.
Welcome, Usceae! We've added you to the blogroll -- the surest way to make sure that we read you often.

(h/t Amateur Catholic)

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